Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Need CRM

First, let’s look at some reasons why having a customer relationship management (CRM) system is unnecessary for most businesses.

It’s easy to get distracted by all of the features that many CRM systems offer. It can be hard to know which ones are worth your time investing in, and which ones you should pass on.

But before you decide whether or not to invest in one, there are five important reasons why having a CRM software system is not necessary for your business.

You don’t need a CRM system today – yes, even the best ones out there!

Here are the top five reasons why you don’t need a CRM system right now:

1. Most people have mobile phones with them at all times.
2. Google Apps and other cloud services make it possible to access and share information easily.
3. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter help spread knowledge and messages quickly.
4. Online shopping makes buying products simple and quick.
5. Technology these days makes it very easy to take good pictures.

With how advanced technology has become, creating solid relationships will never really be dependent on keeping tabs on who you meet, what they say about you, and getting more details about you as people.

Instead, we use apps, social networks, and our own judgment to determine if someone is trustworthy or not.

It’ll take up too much of your time

Top 5 Reasons you don't need CRM

Having all these different apps, accounts, and software to use a CRM is great, but it can also be overwhelming.

It’ll add extra overhead to manage everything.

And unfortunately, most people get overwhelmed with the features quickly.

Most don’t work out because they’re too complicated or they feel that there’s just not enough value in using this tool for their business.

So what are we left with? Choosing whether or not to invest in a CRM depends mostly on how busy you are and how much time you have to devote to your business.

It’s too complex

Top 5 Reasons you don't need CRM

Being able to access your customer data anywhere, anytime is great, but it also means there are infinite possibilities for things to go wrong.

A mobile app can be tricky to manage. There is always someone else who has to use it so they may not feel as invested in it like you would.

It is very easy to forget where you left off because there is no hard copy of the information. This could mean waiting until you get back home to look at it or having to make copies yourself which could cost you time or money.

CRMs have become increasingly user-friendly as software programs, but some still fall short when it comes to ease of navigation and usability.

Interchangeable features such as phone apps, SMS messages, and web applications reduce the need for users to install and synchronize software onto their own computers, but what if they don’t? What then? If you think that this will only apply to people over 30 years old, you’re wrong!

The average smartphone now boasts built-in messaging and call recording functionality, making it possible to record conversations without needing an additional device. Some even have GPS tracking!

If you’re looking to keep track of all your customers’ activity and interactions, you should give one a try.

You’re not tech-savvy

Top 5 Reasons you don't need CRM

First, let’s address the most common reason why people say they don’t have a computer software customer relationship management (CRM) system — they aren’t tech savvy. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as being too technical if you’re trying to organize business relationships!

If someone can easily do something like take a picture of an item and upload it onto Pinterest, then they are technically proficient using computers.

And while that may sound boring, having this basic proficiency makes doing things like organizing a trip group, creating and assigning tasks, keeping notes, and sharing information much easier.

It also gives them the ability to access and update your company data at any time which helps with accountability.

By adding more ways to access these tools, we assume their limitations go away. This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth looking into whether or not they need one.

It’s too hard to use

Top 5 Reasons you don't need CRM

First of all, let’s look at why using a CRM is too difficult. Most people who try to use one give up quickly because it takes far too long to figure out how to perform their job with one.

It can be even more frustrating when a CRM company adds new features that seem like they would make your life easier, but you have to pay for them or find ways to integrate them into the system, which doesn’t exist yet.

CRMs are designed to do things that no person has ever needed before. They’re overly complex and expensive, and most people don’t need something so powerful anyway. – Joni Lupton, The Power Of Tiny Rewards

The thing about being overwhelmed by choice is that sometimes what seems like the best option isn’t actually the right one for you. Just because someone else uses a tool effectively does not mean that it is effective for you.

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