Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

Finding employment can be hard for even the most experienced job seekers, never mind those that are looking to break into their career dream job. Following up with employers is one of the hardest things you will have to do as an employee, especially if they were not able to talk to you before about openings or if they told you there was nothing available when you both had time to chat.

As professional services professionals, your success depends on your ability to connect with others and keep them engaged. Employers look forward to meeting people who make a effort to reach out and say hello, so don’t hesitate to be friendly!

By using social media, printed business cards, and online profiles, you can easily spread your professional self to wider audiences. But what happens after that initial interaction?

Most experts agree that keeping in touch is the number one way to get hired, so try to use this article as motivation to start developing relationships! Read on for some tips and tricks to help you stay top-of-mind for your potential employer.

Tell them what you liked about their company

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

Now that you have left the interview with no clear idea of whether they wanted to hire you or not, it is time to make some calls or meetings.

Before you go home, ask if there was anything you could do to improve upon for the next meeting. If they say yes, then great! But if they tell you that you were doing everything right, then play up how much you believe in their company and hope that you get a chance to show them more of your talent.

If possible, also follow up within the week to see if they got any recommendations or comments from the hiring manager.

Tell them what you would do at the company

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

Now that you have left the interview with a business card, it is time to follow up!

What most employers look for in an employee is someone who they feel will be a part of their team and increase productivity through hard work. They want to make sure that person has conversations about the job, learns more about the organization, and gets along well with others.

This can sometimes be difficult as not everyone is the same and there are no “perfect” employees. What one person may consider normal behavior is different from what another considers acceptable.

That is why having successful interviews depends mostly on how well you talk about the company and position. You should know some basic things about the organization so that when you call or email people after the interview, you are on topic and don’t sound like you were talking out of your ass.

Also, know the responsibilities of the position so you can speak intelligently about them. For example, if you are asked about something related to marketing, could you describe a situation where you used that skill set before?

Your personal life will also matter because this is still a workplace relationship. Make sure your interactions are professional and never start an argument or discuss any kind of sensitive information.

Make a list of things that they should do too

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

Following your interview, make a note of some important things you discussed.

Next, it is good to make a list of these things in case their manager or someone else asked them about those questions.

These can include questions such as how well they thought you interacted with team members, if you made them feel comfortable, what qualities you noticed in yourself and them, and whether there were any opportunities for advancement at the company.

This gives them an opportunity to discuss those points more in-depth and adds value to their profile by showing off their strengths and possibly creating opportunities for employment.

Make a list of things that they should do differently

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

Now, what you should really focus on is whether or not they have enough experience in doing this kind of job. If you see that they don’t, it might be time to look for another candidate.

But beyond that, make sure they use appropriate etiquette when interacting with people. They should treat everyone with respect and never talk down about anyone.

They must demonstrate professionalism at all times, aside from while talking to you. When they leave your interview, you want to feel confident that they will return home each night and go back to work the next day!

If you are ever called into the boss’s office as a second degree employee, try to learn something from these lessons.

Tell them what you are looking for

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

Now that you have interviewed with someone, it is time to ask if they would like to work for your business or if they want to be considered for a position in your company. This can sometimes be tricky as some people may feel shy about asking for a job directly, so we will give you tips on how to do this.

Ask whether the person wants an internal or external role – this will help determine if they are looking to work at your organization immediately or if they hope to move up within your company. It also helps determine their commitment level as well!

If you get a “yes”, then great, you made a good connection and now you need to make sure everything goes according to plan when it comes to applying at your office.

Tips: Do not call anyone back the next day unless asked. Many candidates enjoy having a little break after an interview process and it looks bad if you overdo it.

Ask for their contact information

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

After you have received each other’s business cards, make sure to ask if they would like to exchange additional information or connect at some later time. If they say yes, then get their email address or phone number so you can follow up soon!

It is very common to meet someone and feel an instant connection with them, but then things slow down in communication. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means you two need more time together to really connect. By asking about their schedule, you show that you are interested and want to keep talking to them.

Don’t overdo it though, sometimes even having several conversations per day is enough! Take your time and don’t push too hard because you expect a response immediately. That could put pressure on them which may not be good.

Say goodbye

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

After a job interview, it is important to say your good-bye quickly and politely. Do not make conversation that is unrelated to business or the interviewer’s company!

Do not take too long to leave either. This can look unprofessional and/or annoying for the employer.

Business people typically stay in touch with colleagues after work, so if you are both going home at the same time, offer each other their phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

If one of you will be leaving soon, let them know so they do not feel left out. This also helps them organize future plans.

Follow up with a phone call

Business Card Job Interview Follow Up

After your interview, it is important to follow up with the interviewer via phone. This can be done the next day or the same day depending on their schedule.

It’s great to see how engaged you were during the interview process. It shows that you are passionate about the company and what they have to offer, which is always a good thing! I hope you had fun interviewing, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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