ChatGPT & Folocard

ChatGPT is making a big splash in the world these days, so we asked it some questions about Folocard. The following is copy/pasted from ChatGPT with no edits. AI Summarizes Folocard: Folocard is a revolutionary follow up tool that helps professionals streamline the process of staying in touch with the people they meet. At its […]

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founder post on why bother making another business card scanning app - because we want to help you follow up and not silo the contacts in a rolodex - its 2017 seriously

Why Make Folocard

Why Make Folocard? Another business card scanner app? Really? There are some pretty entrenched players already, why go there? What are you going to do differently? Well.. Folocard was born out of a pain, a pain I experienced first hand and repeatedly. After returning from the nth Ad Tech conference, I became frustrated by the stacks

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