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Changing your business card into an easy-to-access spreadsheet is one of the best ways to organize all of your important information. With this tool, you can easily access contacts, notes, and other significant pieces of data that you would normally have to search for or write down!

Business cards always make people think about how they could use the information on them if someone took a picture or video of it. This article will show you how to edit and convert your own business card into an excel document so that anyone can read what you want them to know and update any details as needed.

Editor recommendations: Microsoft Office 365 subscription or Windows 10 computer with either Office 2019 or later installed already has a free app called Word To Spreadsheet which can be used to create and manipulate documents in Google Sheets. You do not need special software to use these two functions.

Since both apps are built into Microsoft products, there are few technical limitations when using them. Howevert he limitation comes from internet connectivity, some people may find it difficult to upload large files due to bandwidth.

Step 2) Make a copy of your business card

business card to excel

Now that you have your business cards, it is time to make some tweaks!

Start by making a perfect copy of your current business card. You can do this easily using free software or online services. Some good apps are Microsoft Office Online, Google Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Figma.

Once your new business card has been made, it is now up to you to decide what information you want to include in your spreadsheet.

You can add links to social media accounts, websites, receipts, documents, and more to help organize all of your business info.

Step 3) Open your Excel file

business card to excel

In step three, you will open your pre-existing excel files in Microsoft Office or Google Spreadsheets. Depending on which one you use, it can be difficult to find the business card information. With us, we have done some of the work for you!

Go into either Microsoft Office or Google Spreadsheet and search for ‘business cards’. You should see an option to upload a CSV (comma separated values) document. Click this button to add these documents as tables or charts in your spreadsheet.

Now that those are added, you can easily access all of the data! Simply drag each column onto another table or chart and test out how easy it is to manipulate the data now.

And if you wanted to take it even further, you could create graphs, reports and more with only few clicks! This is very helpful as now anyone can edit and update the information freely.

Step 4) Scan your business card

business card to excel

Now that you have saved all of these documents as an excel file, it is time to scan in your business cards! You can do this by using either Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online. If you use Google docs, simply upload your business cards into a new page and then save the document with “Business Cards” as the name. Then, drag the files onto the other document or spreadsheet and edit away!

If you use Microsoft office online, choose the create or import option to get started. After importing the business cards, you will be able to access them through their word app or excel app!

And now for some fun factoids!

It is very common to find links, passwords, and even receipts stored along with financial information such as credit cards in people’s phones. Make sure to go through each one slowly, evaluate if they are something you would need, and delete things that you don’t want to keep around. I recommend creating another google account specifically for personal information so that you can more easily move things across without making yourself crazy.

Step 5) Organize your data

business card to excel

The next step in adding business cards to excel is organizing all of your cards into columns and sheets. You will want to organize them by person, organization, event, etc.

Once you have organized all of your cards, it’s time to start creating an index or database using either Microsoft Office Online or Google Spreadsheets.

This way you can easily access each item later and sort through everything quickly.

Step 6) Create a new spreadsheet

business card to excel

Now that you have your business cards, it is time to start organizing them! You will need to create an additional file or sheet in your Microsoft Office Excel workbook to house all of your business card information.

Start by creating a new tab in your current workbook (File > New -> Tab). This new tab should be titled “Business Cards” or similar. Next, open up your computer’s storage device (such as USB or SD card) and browse to find your last workplace’s office e-mail.

Once inside this email, click on the ‘attachments’ link at the top of the screen. Here you can upload all of your business cards as individual files or as a group document. If uploading as a group document, make sure to pick the ‘office – standard’ option instead of picking other types such as PowerPoint, PDF etc.

Step 7) Print your new spreadsheet

business card to excel

Now that you have all of your favorite business cards in one place, it is time to print! You can do this either using the computer software program or printing directly from the web browser (or both!).

To start with, make sure you are running Windows 10 or higher. Then, open Microsoft Office Online (you may need to create an account first if you don’t already have one)! Once opened, navigate to Create > Spreadsheets and pick a template! I recommend picking Blank Sheet as shown here so you get some extra room for adding more information later.

Once that is done, choose Add files then upload your newly organized business card PDFs.

Step 8) Optional) Make a copy of your spreadsheet

business card to excel

An additional step that is very common is making a second copy of your business card template or spreadsheet. You can either do this yourself as well or have someone else do it for you.

This second copy can be saved anywhere, it does not need to be in Microsoft Office. Some people like to use Google Drive or Dropbox to save it so it can be accessed from any device.

By doing this, you get an extra degree of protection in case something goes wrong with the original file. People who make copies usually upload the new version onto an online service such as Google Docs or Excel itself.

Step 9) Share your spreadsheet on the internet

business card to excel

It is very important to share your business information, including your creative work, with the right people. If you make beautiful cards or design elegant spreadsheets, there are many ways to sharing this information. You can put your designs online using free file hosting sites like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can also create your own website or landing page where you can showcase your skills and add links to your files. All of these services allow users to download your documents so they have access without being logged into your account.

By giving away all of your business resources, you open up opportunities for others to take control over them and build upon what you started.

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