CES 2019 & 200,000 Business Cards.

Welcome to 2019, it starts with a bang. CES. The massive, nearly 200,000 strong techs and innovation conference. It’s so big that there are several tracks there, codename for mini-conferences. With all the action expected over the span of 5 days, how does one prepare for follow ups.

The truth is, many do not, they wait for the following week, after they are back in the office to begin a methodical, data entry process of following up with personal, and highly thoughtful emails to the special cards they marked as highly interesting (whatever that means).

Business Cards are invitations to connect

It’s a sad fact that 80% of business cards are thrown away. This means CES will likely see MILLIONS of business cards lying on the tradeshow floor or in the recycling bin. If we think about this for a minute we realize how many lost opportunities those accumulate too.

It’s time to revamp the follow-up process. With Folocard, you can prepare a simple email template and then when you scan a business card you have the follow-up email ready in your draft email app ready for a quick edit and send.

CES Email Template Follow Up example:


CES Follow Up


” Hey,

Thanks for meeting me at CES today. I hope to connect with you further to discuss our business opportunity.

Have a great show!


You can make different email templates. You can add more functionality and context to your email templates such as the new contact’s business card, or even your location at the time directly into the body of the email (‘this is where we met’).

Accelerate the relationship

The main advantage on follow ups is the acceleration of the business relationship. You will be surprised at the serendipity of people, who may want to meet again at the show to further to business conversion, maybe at after hour events such as cocktail parties or a next day breakfast.

The additional advantage is that you have already followed up. You don’t need to rush that Monday business card marathon after you return from a week-long conference (and a new year) with an overflowing inbox. Surely you may want to follow up in more detail with some contacts, but your prospects already saw your enthusiasm with the fastest follow up they have ever received.

Good luck at CES and happy 2019!


If you want to try our advanced offline follow-up application, it is currently in closed BETA and you can send us a message at info@folocard.com to apply.

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