Some people run out, some people don't bring business cards to professional networking events. Long press the camera button to launch a full screen email form. big enough to hand the smartphone over to avoid any typos. Don't miss any tradeshow leads.

No Business Card? No Problem!

If you are at a conference or meetup, Folocard has got you covered if you find yourself in one of these situations;

  • You have no business card
  • Someone you met is ‘out of business cards’
  • Both of you have no business cards
  • Capturing Leads at a company event or booth.

When you don’t have a business card, this is not the end of the world. Many networking gurus have chimed in on this scenario in the past. The main advice they chant is that first impressions count and that interesting new contacts will do the leg work to accommodate your ‘networking mistake’. This can be as simple as allowing someone the time to write down your email or shoot a quick blank email.

I don’t have a business card

But, back to first impressions. What if you turn that ‘mistake’ into an opportunity? What if, instead of politely requesting the other person to manually type on his/her device or squabble to find a pen to jot down details, you:

  1. Ask them for a business card,
  2. Scan
  3. Click once (confirm the OCR – eye check)
  4. Send the email (that has been composed for you)
  5. Ask them to check their email…

What a refreshing change and certainly a way to leave a lasting impression.

S/He doesn’t have a business card!

Well, Folocard has got you covered. Try a long press on the camera icon (what usually launches the business card scanning step), instead launches a super simple ‘enter an email’ address field, you can type in, or hand over your device to that special someone to do the honors.

What if we both don’t have business cards?

Folocard got you covered either way from 'sorry, I'm out of business cards'

Well, you both likely have smartphones. One of you can use Folocard. While the other asks how you ‘did that thing with the email so fast’…just don’t lose track of what you were talking about originally.

Happy networking!

Folocard for Android is available on Google Play.
Folocard for iOS is available on the Apple App Store.

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